Why Preschool is a Great Start to Learning-Part 1

Hello, readers, and welcome back to our blog. We hope you all had a nice summer. We’re excited about starting the new 2017-2018 school year and look forward to seeing familiar faces again while also welcoming many new ones! In our most recent posts, we looked at some of the benefits of enrolling your toddler in our daycare program here in Lanham-Bowie. Additionally, we looked at ways to prepare for beginning a daycare program. In today’s blog post, we would like to explore some of the many advantages your child may gain from an early learning program here at Rising Generations. Please read below to learn more.

Build Socialization Skills

Preschool is a wonderful way to strengthen your child’s socialization skills with children and other adults. Preschool activities are designed to foster interaction between children as they learn how to develop communication skills, problem solve, compromise, and learn to work together. Building social skills early on can improve your child’s ability to work with, listen to, and communicate their thoughts and feelings with others throughout their life. Early socialization also encourages emotional development, as kids can learn early on how to listen to others while also voicing their feelings in order to resolve conflicts, compromise, and work through problems. A good teacher will recognize these interactions between children and listen in to see how children talk to each other, if they are able to work a disagreement out on their own, and will intervene when necessary. The socialization skills children learn at school can then applied to those they learn at home.

Gain a Sense of Self

Along with learning great socialization skills, kids learn a lot about themselves. As they learn and play with others, they develop communication skills that can often help them build confidence. What’s more, as they explore and discover their interests, they pick out books, toys, and games that they enjoy, which helps foster their independence. Performing small tasks such as pouring their juice, picking out a book, or completing an activity helps them develop a sense of independence and confidence because they recognize that they are capable of doing things on their own. This is an important developmental skill that when learned encouraged early on can have lasting effects on their confidence well into adulthood.

Fun in Learning

Preschool programs offer the foundations for learning basic subjects and core concepts that your child will begin studying in pre-k programs and kindergarten which they will continue learning throughout high school and beyond. Our teachers and faculty introduce our students to colors, shapes, letters, and numbers in activities, games, and group activities to foster early learning. Story time and reading boost literacy skills as they are exposed to a richer vocabulary. These activities are meant to spark children’s curiosity while encouraging them to ask questions and share their thoughts. Art activities, singing songs, and rhyming games all foster creativity, as kids learn to express themselves using colors, through pictures, dance, and music.

Contact Rising Generations to Get Started

These are just a few of the wonderful benefits you and your child may gain from joining a preschool program such as ours. Tune in next time as we continue exploring more great reasons to enroll your child in a preschool program. When you choose a reputable early learning program like ours here at Rising Generations, you can gain peace of mind in knowing your child is getting the care and education they need to facilitate their social, emotional, and academic development. Contact Rising Generations in Lanham-Bowie today to schedule a tour and meet with our teachers and staff.

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