Why Preschool is a Great Start to Learning-Part 2

Hi there, and welcome back to our blog. In our recent post, we began looking at some of the benefits your child may gain from an early learning preschool program here at Rising Generations in Lanham-Bowie. Our highly-experienced teachers and staff design excellent lessons, group activities, and other learning exercises meant to foster social and emotional development, facilitate academic growth, while encouraging curiosity and creativity. Today, we’ll continue this discussion exploring more of the excellent benefits your child may gain from a quality preschool program.

Prepares Them for Kindergarten

A great preschool program will allow your child to be just that—a kid. Yet, preschool programs should be more than just a place that has awesome toys and other children to play with; these programs should provide a structured learning environment that engages children in stimulating (and fun) activities which prepare them for pre-k and kindergarten. Our early childhood education program is designed specifically with toddlers in mind for providing a foundation for learning. Essentially, a preschool program should also teach kids how to be students. Our teachers encourage participation among children so that they learn how to raise their hands when they have something to say, ask questions frequently, and take turns talking. This is another layer to socialization and emotional development because our students learn to listen to each other and learn from each other, while also learning to share, and participate in group activities. Developing good listening and communication skills can help your child continue to grow and succeed throughout their entire education.

Helps Foster their Curiosity

One of the foundational aspects of our preschool program is encouraging curiosity and discovery to foster social, emotional, and academic growth among our students. Three and four- year-olds are incredibly inquisitive as they start paying more attention to people, objects, and places. They also begin to vocalize their thoughts and feelings much more as they develop their speech and vocabulary. This is the time when children are little sponges that soak up everything they hear and see, which means they ask a million questions a day. Preschool is excellent for supporting and encouraging this eagerness to learn because children can find the answers to their many questions in lessons, books, and from others. Most importantly, as children explore and discover, their imaginations expand which stimulates learning significantly.

Schedule a Meet & Greet

We hope you have enjoyed this short blog series. If you would like to learn more about our early learning programs here at Rising Generations, we would be happy to meet with you and give you a tour of our Lanham-Bowie campus and facility. At Rising Generations, our team is committed to fostering learning, socialization, and curiosity among our students, helping little minds make great strides. Thank you for reading our blog series.

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